At Eyepix Group we are more than a photography website, we are an image agency.

We offer the best image material for current reports on topics from Mexico to the world: News, entertainment, culture and much more.

EYEPIX GROUP. is the leading independent photo agency in Mexico and the largest Editorial photo agency content.
We represent a diverse network of photographers and strive to match their best content to our clients' needs. This network allows us to provide images of Rights-Managed to uor clients

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We offer an image bank service for editorial use of news, shows, sports, photo reports of general interest; as well as stock photos for the illustrations of printed and digital media, we also provide a commercial use service for brochures and advertising spots.



We are an agency with a great content of worldwide distribution, we offer our clients high quality in our services delivering the events of the day in real time, with a picture desk team that works 24/7 and is in contact with the editors of the newspapers and the world's leading magazines to meet your needs.



We offering images via our website and our sales partners, we also work closely with clients offering tailored service, we often contact media editors to better serve them



Recientemente presentamos licencias de RM simplificadas que cubren los usos más comunes para hacerte la vida más sencilla, tenemos los precios más competitivos del mercado para que puedas disfrutar de nuestras imágenes, pagando solo el precio justo en calidad y precio. No pague más, solo pague un precio realista, con nosotros obtendrá precios bajos por imágenes RM


For Contributors


Royalties 50/50

If you are a professional freelance photographer or amateur photographer and you are interested in distributing your images, we give you the opportunity to join our team of collaborators, where we will distribute your images around the world through our content partners.
We work for a sales commission of 50% and a monthly report of your royalties will be sent with the payment to the beneficiary via Paypal.
You must fill out a distribution conformity form for legal acts, then you will be sent an FTP address to start uploading your images.
Any questions you have, do not hesitate to contact our Picture Desk team info@eyepixgroup.com

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Can I browse the site without being a registered visitor?


Yes, you can freely browse the site and see the images in low resolution

What kind of images can I license?

In general, all images can be licensed, there is a difference between types of Editorial use license and with Royalty Free (RF)

Should I send the images with metadata in English?

Absolutely yes, all metadata must be in English and must contain (Headline, caption, keywords, date, place) if you have any questions about how to fill in the metadata, please contact contributors@eyepixgroup.com and the editors will contact with you to solve your doubts

I have already sent my images, when can I receive the payment of my royalties?


Sales reports are normally generated when it reaches the amount of 50 USD, if it has not reached the minimum, the report will be sent to you in the next month

I need a clarification of my sales report, who should I contact?

You should send your request to contributors@eyepixgroup.com


Fill out the form and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible. any question contact us at info@eyepixgroup.com